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WoA IV - Day 4

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Well today i spent most all day working on my level editor. i've made decent progress with the...UI. lol, i spent way to much time making the ui fairly useful, in fact i wasted 3 hours writing in both a scroll bar, and list box for use with the map editor. I probably should have short cutted some things, but well i can create, save, and load maps pretty smoothly now. i still need to be able to populate the maps beyond just the background tile's. but i'm fairly close to that point now so i'll probably be there tomorrow. I have to lay some more foundation for my actual game world before i can start populating it.


I absolutly need to be finished with the level editor and working on gameplay tomorrow. if i'm not there by the end of tomorrow then things are going to be looking bad for me, i'm hoping i can be basically done with the level editor with a few more hours of work.

anyway, that's it for me tonight, good luck to everyone else!

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I hope that you do manage to get into your gameplay soon! (Or have done so already, by this point.)

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Did I miss the part where you said you were running this year? O.o

Aye, i decided to throw my hat in on the second day. found out i was off after wensday, so i took to throwing something together. obviously comes with all the perks of being ineligible for prizes and yata yata yata.

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