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WOA IV Day 5 Download

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I messed around all morning today trying to figure out why the GodRays shader wasnt working on my wifes PC. It would work with a number of samples lower than 10 otherwise the whole screen was just a garbled mess.

After 3ish hours though, i found the problem. The output color of the shader was not initialized. I guess my GPU/Driver was kind enough to do it for me. Always initialize!

Here is a downloadable VERY EARLY version of my game, which I am calling "Stellar Salvager" for now.


Gameplay is very light at the moment. You can move about, crash, collect crates and the temperature of your ship goes up, although nothing happens at the moment. I'm mostly interested to see if there are any crashes or if it doesnt start up at the moment. Any other thoughts are welcome.

You can adjust the resolution through arguments to the exe: exectuable.exe width height fullscreen it defaults to 1280 1024 windowed. There is also an option file in the common folder, you can enable and disable God Rays and the number of samples. 16 32, 64, 128, 256.

I'll post another later with more work.

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