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WoA 2016 - End Of Day 5

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Servant of the Lord


Time is getting very tight. Combat still isn't implemented. Very little progress made. Must type in short sentences to conserve remaining time.

I've visually beautified the world significantly, so that's good. I'm satisfied with it entirely as-is, but the artist said she'll take a look at it after she's done with all her tasks, and may add some final polish.

I've gotten some of the combat UI in, and am working on some of the character moves. The basic combat framework has been in place since the middle of day 2, but I'm just now building on it to implement the actual logic, so hopefully things start to move along at a healthy trot, if not an outright gallop. The past two days have basically felt like I've done nothing but graze in the grass, and why in the world am I sitting here making some weird horse analogy instead of actually coding?


The artist is just about finished with all the enemies now, and is putting the final touches on the dialog (which I'll need to script into the game sunday. Grrr!!).

Tomorrow is going to be terrible time-wise as well (

unavoidable non-gamedev time-consuming activities until late in the evening

), so I'll have to pull an all-nighter on Saturday night if I hope to even be able to submit anything playable. I definitely have respect for anyone who has to work a 40/50 hour work week while competing - by comparison, I have it easy, figuratively rolling in [s]hay[/s] free time.

Well, I better get back to work and/or sleep. I hope your projects are going well!

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As a person working 40-50/week while undertaking this, I appreciate the sentiment. Stil, your game looks miles better than mine. That artist of yours is doing wonders! Hopefully gameplay lives up to it, though from previous entries, I know it will (no sleep for you though! Which sucks, I KNOW)

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Good luck! I'd really like to see this become playable. ^_^


Hmm... So, looking at the screenshot, I take it that this uses a JRPG-style turn-based or active-time tactical-combat mechanic?


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Yep, turn-based combat. Semi-pokemon-ish, in the sense that you have three undead pets you summon, but only two can be out in combat at one time, and you the player can't directly attack, only support.


@Orymus3: Thanks for the vote of confidence! I'm about to pull 24 hours straight to the ending line, hopefully it'll work.


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