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Day 5 - First demo and new team member

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Good news! A new member is joining my team. RajaDavid will compose the theme music for the game. He is a skilled neoclassicist, and I feel that theme will work very well with the theme of our game.

To give him a feel for the game, I needed a demo copy. Since I have the build process in place now, I can easily share a build for you guys too. Initially, when thinking what to ask feedback about, I got a list of things spanning the distance between Cyprus and Japan. I have filtered out some of the most important stuff, I hope. Here are some questions to help, though you don't have to answer every question.

1. How easy was it to figure out the main mechanics? (Do you get the difference between healing capacity and healing power? Do you understand how houses work? Do you understand upgrade risk?)

2. Is the UI sufficiently initiative? It it easy enough to see how much money you have in different screens? Was is sufficiently easy to figure out how to navigate the screen? What about the menu? I tired to stick to conventions rather then explain everything, but the conventions are internally inconsistent also.

3. How was the game balance? Is any upgrade/building that is essentially useless? Did you find any game breaking strategy?

4. Was the game not complex enough? Too complex? Are there any ideas you can think of to make the game more complex without much effort? (eg. new type of building, new upgrade possibility)

5. Bugs

Phew, the list did end up being very long. Your feedback is so important though, I get so blindsided by staring at my game for too many hours. I get versions mixed up, put off things for later only to forget them, tend towards strategies that lead to lots of bug spotting rather than victory, and generally misjudge what needs to be changed.

(edit: fixed bug in the last line I edited before uploading. I accidentally increased the lower bound of my random range faster than the upper bound, with all consequences involved)

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