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Kseh Woa Iv - Post 7

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Seeing so many people with an entry ready to go is a bit intimidating. But it's also quite motivating. Congratulations to everyone that has their entry ready to go.

I spent too much time last night messing around with a spell charging mechanic that before I even started working I figured that I shouldn't look into and eventually in a half finished state I confirmed that it was an annoying inconvenience compared to just throwing orbs quickly. I wanted to get the player death animation in place before I ended last night but something seems to be preventing it from playing when you collide with the shadow hazards. I need to finish that up quickly and get the skeletons in there as fast as possible. I'm hoping that they'll be ok with a very basic move towards the player kind of AI otherwise the game is not going to be challenging at all. If I can get that stuff in then I hope I have time to get some kind of basic menu and other polish elements in. It's gonna be very tight.

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I know the feeling. I dont know about you, but I honestly work better under chaos and pressure. (some would say I am a diamond, but I would agree.... yes i know what that means and how i said it!) That said, use the pressure to your advantage, just keep a cool head and focus on the things that matter the most. We will be pushing our game to the very limit and wont have everything in place until moments before the deadline. I wouldnt recommend this to anybody, but honestly why not use every last minute making your game great! Some people had simple stuff in place and so it wasnt hard to do. Others, well... yeah... not so much. Whatever your circumstance, keep at it! This stuff is all about learning and pushing through the challenges.

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