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WOA IV - Day 6

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Today has been productive as all hell. having the level editor done has freed up so much time in designing things, i was a bit worried about how the shadow system would play out, but now with a real level i think it works phenominally well. Pathing generation is done, collision systems are done, audio is 90% done, ai is done. goddamn all that's left is some polish on the levels. I wanted to make a larger game with this premise that basically was a mystery of sorts(with the same gameplay mechanics), but right now i don't have the time or story to implement something of that scope, so i've scaled back to having a series of levels in which you must find an artifact(scroll right now) and then make it back to the exit without being caught. The atmosphere is fairly creepy, and the monster is now intimaditing imo. I hope people well enjoy it:



I'm still quite awake, so i can get a bit more polish done on the menu's before tomorrow with the level design.

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