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WOA Day 7 - Stellar Salvager Final Release!

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Here is my last build of Stellar Salvager for the Week Of Awesome. Pretty tired after this last push. Got a bunch more stuff and an actual end of game sort of. Even managed to get a cheesy story in there. Hope it works for everyone. Enjoy & good luck everyone!



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hey excellent work. still no sun for me though :(. however something very annoying happens when playing, which is you hijack my resolution and then don't restore it when i quit the game!

going from a 2560x1080 to 1280x800 is very jarring.

edit: discovered your launcher, it fixs things, but you should still always restore resolution on game ending!

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Ok, i discovered the issue it's inside sunShader; in the vertex shader you have texCoordFrg as type vec2, but in the fragment shader you have it marked as vec4. amd is apparantly not cool with letting that slide, once i changed that, volia let their be a sun and all your other fancy effects :P

I hope you see this asap and can get a patched build up.

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So I'm adding this one on my list of must plays. I'll wait until Slicer or someone else puts them all into a single archive though because I'm lazy and brain dead at the moment, but followed this with some level of curiosity!

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