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Week of Awesome I V - Overdue Post Mortem

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So now a week has gone by and the dust has settled.

I had quite a bit feedback, some good, some bad, but one thing stood out:

The spike collision. The collision box is too big.

And the worst? I knew it. I felt the same way, but for some reason I always thought it would work out. Well, it didn't :)

So far everything else was mostly fine. I had no crashes, no "doesn't work" or hangs or other glitches. Or people didn't tell me.

As stressed on day 6: Feedback is the most valuable thing you can get from a competition like this. I often use these small games to have new features tested. I didn't this time around though.

A similar competition that ends tomorrow had me testing my new DX11 renderer. That one didn't work for one player; this made me realize, I had different renderers (DX8, DX9, DX11), but no fallback routine that would try all renderers before giving up. It's now added, and lo and behold! My engine got a bit more stable.

All in all I'm pretty satisfied with my entry, although it looks retroish. I think the atmospheric idea worked out quite well, even if the game is not too much of a game.

So, when's the next Week of Awesome? ;)

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Recommended Comments

I rather enjoyed your game Endurion and the light effects were very cool (and the lights realistically flicker with random fluctuations -- or is there something more mathsy governing those?).


The spike collision box is brutal that's true. As well as that I recall on the first map an obelisk thing that you bump into to read, I almost couldn't escape from it without repeat-triggering it. Perhaps ideally you would require the player to move a certain distance away before another collision would re-trigger the text.


Early in the comp when I saw that we were both making a top-down maze game with collectibles that unlock sections I wondered if we were heading along similar lines again; I remember you and I both made a Lemmings-like game a couple of years back (great minds!)


Will you blog about, or link to, your entry for this other competition?

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