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Voxels! Unlike my old Xna application, this one's code is way more beautiful to the eye. Zero "switch" or "if and else" for cube faces, as I did with my cubic planet faces.

My only problem with voxels is that it's a 3D grid. A 3D grid take a lot longer to compute than six 2D grids.
250 * 6 = 1500 quads to compute and draw.
2503 = 15,625,000 voxels to compute and maybe draw.

As I use more and more complex objects to abstract the computation and the drawing part, the code slows.

Following this entry, I'll make another one but with two videos:
1) Spherical planet made of voxels
2) Cubic planet made of voxels

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What did you use to make this?


Eclipse Mars, Java 8, jMonkey Engine 3. By the way, Eclipse Neon just got released! :D

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