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SpellCraft feedback and testing

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I am really happy with the progress on SpellCraft the game works. Now we have a somewhat user-friendly game with confirm dialogs, drag&drop, music, sound effects. The text adventure works with a background service and it is really cool to walk or ride a bike knowing that I can collect gold and artifacts neanwhile. I have a story map and I have random generated maps.
So the next step would be to include ads and in-app purchases and publish at the stores.
But when I make gameplay videos or get feedback from testers they always say that the game needs more work.
So I would like to know which direction should I take?

  1. improve GUI
  2. add more units and map objects
  3. add two player hotseat option
  4. add enemy AI that builds, collects treasure, attacks, expands his evil castle
  5. other

Can I make a poll here?

Download .apk file from here:

New gameplay video:

Like it on Facebook:

Please let me know what do you think if you tried the game.

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I cannot make a poll here, I guess because this is a journal and not forum. So please add comments instead of polling.

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The art looks great, I need to try downloading this when I get home.  My preliminary vote is against hotseat multiplayer, as thats kind of weird on a phone, and I wouldn't get much use out of it.  Though I could see that being useful on a tablet.

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Did you try hotseat multi with another android game? The project's lead (and only :)) tester said it would be a good idea. And I think I would glady play such a game with some friends. 

And this game can be installed on a tablet as well. The scaling is a bit ugly (we can say it's retro :)) but it works.


I have to mention that 90% of the graphics and some sounds are from Battle of Wesnoth which is an open source game.

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imoogiBG: Thanks! Did you try it on mobile device?


Update: I am working on the AI and now it can:

-expand his territory

-attack neutral monster groups

-pick up treasures and equip the items

-attack the player and burn his buildings

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I have to mention that 90% of the graphics and some sounds are from Battle of Wesnoth which is an open source game.

Happy you gave them credit for their work. Your use of the assets look good.

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I think Battle for Wesnoth was created with the intent to help other developers by making it open-source. By the way, WarMage is open-source too. It has to be because that is needed to use Wesnoth assets.

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