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The Game - The Idea

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So lets discuss "The Idea" for the game I want to make. It is not a simple one because in my dreams I image a perfect game, with great gameplay and amazing graphics. But lets start with a simple thing - name.

I named my game quite simple - "Space Adventure". Well, because that is what my game will be all about, adventuring in space. You get a space ship, you get a large galaxy, and off ya go, making money and fame. I think "Space Adventure" is a nice name. Not too short, not too long, just right. I might change it later, but for know my project will be known as "Space Adventure", or "Space Adventures", I am still thinking about that point.

Next lets talk about player's avatar, or character, or representation. It will be a simple ship. You can buy it, trade it, exchange it. You can equip weapons on it, engines, armor, shields and so on. But you are always inside of a ship.

The view of the game will be top down, or maybe slightly leaning behind the ship. This will be worked out during pre-alpha phase of the project or might be just a simple option in the game. I personally like top down, especially if the actual game is in 3D. It gives good lightning and depth and a lot of cool elements can be applied to it.

Now, the scope! There will be a large galaxy with a many systems. Each system will have planets and stations that player can dock to. So it will be a usual scope for any good space game. The planets and stations will have a market, some kind of a bar, maybe a bullet board, maybe some kind of NPC to talk to. It will be all driven by simple UI, because I cannot make 3D stuff. It will be ugly, but usable.

The game will be single player, at least for now. As I go I will think about adding fundamentals for multiplayer. It might be to hard or too time consuming. We will see. But in my sweet dreams my game is always a simple single player.Or maybe it will be a multiplayer like No Man's Sky! Where people cannot see each other! Ha Ha!

The NPC out side of the station will be other ships. I want make some kind of simple "galaxy" AI, where it will move random ships around, making everything looks busy and alive. I want to have some kind of dynamic economy, again, something simple but fun.

What else do I need to cover? Physics of the ship will be kind of realistic, where you speed up and then have to break or your ship will simply continue flying forever. Of course, once again, it all can change when I get to proper prototyping. Fun is always the top priority. Controls will be with mouse and keyboard. Guns will be fixed, so you can have forward, backwards, so side guns.

Ok, I think I got all basics covered. If I forgot something I will discuss it in other posts. And I will go more in depth about each feature of the game as I get to implement it.

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