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Random Caves

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Quick Saturday morning update. Only have an hour on Saturday before the meet up with non-technical friends to set the world to rights.

Still very ugly, but I'm randomly generating cave structures now. I was going to use the perlin noise for this but didn't really work so I've just implemented a rather simple system based on a brute force flood-fill algorithm.


Start with a finite 3D grid filled with ones. Set a variable called "current" to 2 then iterate over the grid N times. When you find a cell that is set to "current", check the cells above, below, right, left, in front and behind to see if they are a 1. If so, and if a random coin toss is heads, set that adjacent cell to "current" plus 1. Increment "current" and back to the main loop.

Then run over the grid and set any values that aren't 1 to 0. Then iterate the grid and for each cell, make the necessary faces to enclose it based on its neighbours for the graphics, and make a static physics body for the physics.

So you get a guaranteed interconnectedness in the cave structures and can encode the entire cave in an srand() value, so can then manually add specific features to it.

Not a lot else to say at the moment. I want to look into using some sloped cells as well as the square ones to round this off a little. Should be possible to do another run over the grid and look for specific patterns to replace a cube with a wedge in places maybe.

All good fun. Thanks for stopping by.

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