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Finished first mvp

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I finished the first mvp (minimum viable product) of leverman with all features i wanted ;-)
The first level is fully playable from start to finish and contains the following features:

- Tilemap based
- Player based on character controller including double jump support
- Simple generic following camera system
- Player interaction system (Levers, Elevators, Triggers...)
- Up/Down elevator systems which gets requested automatically when player is near a stop trigger (Stops are detected by line traces in the player interaction direction up/down)
- Jumppads
- Spikes and lava, no enemies at all
- Kill and respawn system including checkpoint support
- Levers to open doors / sink lava etc.
- Moveable platforms with obstacle detection (No timeline or matinee at all)
- A very simple main menu

But there are tons of things todo to make it actually be finished:

- What type of character (Human? Animal?, Robot?)
- Find and apply a suitable art style for the game (Scifi prefered)
- Explain stuff (Indicator when you can interact, Simple tutorial level)
- Sounds and music (Sound-generator - but music is a bit harder...)
- Save games / Checkpoints
- Goodies to collect
- Better main menu + Options
- Track statistics (Time, Deaths, Counts etc.)
- Create more levels (11 levels are already written on paper)
- Make it a bit more easier (Seems to be pretty hard...)
- Bugfixes or course

Download MVP-1 (x64 windows only):

Attached are some screenshots - including the original paper idea from ~1995.

Controls mapping:

Move to the left / right:

- Keyboard (A or D)
- Keyboard (Left or right arrow)
- Gamepad thumb left X-axis


- Keyboard (Space)
- Gamepad (X button)

Interaction up/down:

- Keyboard (W or S)
- Keyboard (Up or down arrow)
- Gamepad thumb left Y-axis (only in digital mode!)

Interaction use:

- Keyboard (E)
- Gamepad (Y button)

What do you think about this? It it okay for the first mvp? Is it fun to play?

Dont be frustrated when you die a lot, it is not that easy at start.

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including the original paper idea from ~1995.


It may have taken time, but I congratulate you strongly on having taken something and persisted with it to the point of having achieved an outcome. Well done and good luck with your future iterations.

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Yes this indeed has a long history but i never has tried to create that game seriously in the past. I was creating just prototypes/techdemos with dozens of programming languages/environments but i never got to a point which was playable - there was just so much problems and no solutions... i guess web programming has blocked important game programming cells in my brain... Glad i switched back to backend programming after all ;-)

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Even though it's not done, getting to an MVP complete state is such a big deal. Congratulations. :)

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