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Have just been making a few tweaks to the spaceship handling this morning.

I've added some roll to the ship when turning. Nothing properly aerodynamic or anything, just a visual effect really based on the raw mouse input the player class is reading.

I've also now added proper velocities for vertical movement and for the forward thrust. All a bit untidy in the code and need to come up with some cleaner representations of values that have a fixed maximum and minimum value along with nicer ways to get them to reduce back to zero when not being pushed.

Starting to have my first doubts about the playability of this longer term now though. Maybe the random level is just getting annoying and I need to start thinking about actually designing areas.

I was thinking about even turning it into an endless runner game, to avoid the need for level design, by having the player fly down an infinite corridor, generated as required, with floating asteroids in the wider parts of the corridor and narrower passgaes connecting sections.

Never wrote an endless runner before and has never had much appeal to me, but it would save a huge amount of design work, which is the part I normally fall down on in developmnet so perhaps I should give it a try. Certainly played some pretty fun endless runners in the past. Weirdly feels a bit like cheating to me as a developer though, which is pretty damn silly.

Will think on this. Thanks, as always, for stopping by.

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