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Chunk Loading and the Infinity Problem

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Things I accomplished recently:

  • Infinity!
  • The game runs smoother than ice on a hot pan
  • Massively reduced active trigger and script count
  • That's it!

    It's infinite, running smooth at thousands of rooms, with a sad amount of content. The problem with any infinite game is that you'll eventually get bored. The speed at which this happens is largely dependent on the amount of actual content the game offers. I'm excluding skinner boxes for the sake of this post. Right now I have three enemies and four weapons repeated endlessly with increasing semi-randomized stats and difficulty. That's not a game, that's a "you made it 20 rooms past your last record" simulator. However, this game is a week and a half old, so give me a break. I plan to implement mini-bosses this week, and perhaps events such as fungal infection zones, but just maybe.

    This is an image of a thousand room dungeon from a bird's eye view. You really get to see how Unity's Random method works from that far out.


    If you guys and gals have any suggestions, leave 'em here.

    That's all for now, cya later!

    [EDIT] I made fungus smoke!


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