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Time to Polish

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Several bugs exist in this game and it is not entirely complete yet. Complete in the sense that it is a functional game. But it is not yet the game I originally had in mind. I've decided to start/continue development of it. Officially put it into what one may suggest a "time to polish" stage. I've listed a few problems I've notices so far that I plan on addressing:

1. Stability
I've noticed the game crashes under several, "easy to achieve" conditions. For example, task-switching. While in the background, the game continues to run. Music continues to play and logic continues to update without any interaction. Also, while re-obtaining focus, the game glitches out. This is an obvious bug in the state engine. Sadly, the OpenAL framework suffers too because the music continues to play because the state of the application was not handled as gracefully as it should have been. Timing is also an issue, mainly with accuracy.

2. User Interface (UI)
The user interface is currently "ultra-simplistic". I think better features are required to make a more "well-rounded" or "polished" user interface. While developing the interface, certain decisions were made that lead me to over simplify it. Mainly, the systems(OpenGL and OpenAL) and how they are implemented.

3. Features
I think I could add features to this game, what they are and when they will become is still undecided.

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Recommended Comments

Including screenshots helps a lot and can allow people to better understand what you are talking about.


Additionally, if your game is complete I would change the title to something more like, "Time to Polish".

Under construction implies a sense the game is not complete and with your first post titled, "First Completed Game," it will leave some people wondering.


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