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A Discovery Unnoticed

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Holy shoes in a bucket, I've realised something! While working on the planet-side generation, I off-handedly used a bit of trickery to place walls only at the edges of the map, which you can see below.


This didn't strike me as being very important, because I was out of the context of bulkheads and corridors, I didn't see the contrast. When I went back to the space section, something was off. I couldn't quite place it, the feeling was almost claustrophobic. I soon realised that the entire atmosphere of the game could be changed with a few lines of code, and fewer walls. I am now working on mixing these two methods, having big open areas combined with corridors and bulkheads.

I've given some thought to forming a team, but I really can't think of a way to give members a return on their investment. I could have people log their hours with a simple online tool, or perhaps return a royalty by code or assets contributed, but I don't want to make any promises. I personally am not in this for money. I don't think indie devs can survive off of releasing games on their own, so I'm not banking on making my fortune off of MLR. I would actually be surprised if I made more than a hundred dollars, if even that.


I've given it some more thought, and I think I will form a team, on one condition. This game will become free, completely free. That way, there's no royalties or payments to be concerned with, just devs and the game. I'll write up some documents and post an ad in the Hobby section. See you all there!

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