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Journal #2: Momentum

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No, I didn't do any physics code this weekend. I didn't have much free time this week, but at this stage it's important to recognize what I could get done to keep the momentum up.

I continued to work on my debug console. I was able to add the mechanism for actually registering console commands in other parts of my code, parsing the inputs into the parameter strings and actually executing the command. I was also able to get started on the APIs for accessing the params inside the command. When the command is executed, I pass an array of strings to the function (basically an argv, argc arrangement if you're familiar with a console main function). I just want to write a few functions that can do the various transmutations of strings to more useful local types. At my previous job I wrote some really nice code (I thought) combining macros and templates to read and write the parameters from a Lua stack object. Now, it won't be able to be quite as fully featured as those were (I'm missing all the type information that the Lua stack made available) but I think it will do a good job.

I'll share some example code when I'm done with it.

And a new thing for my todo list: Because of the way that I layer my execution, right now when I open my console it freezes my mouse processing because I basically pause the processing of the layer beneath the console. That's not really ideal so I need to update and split my control logic so that the gameloop is making two separate calls to do the processing and rendering. Then the main loop can be in charge of the mouse like it probably should have been from the start. The good news is that the one control function I'm calling right now, internally it is already splitting up the processing and rendering so this shouldn't be a terribly time consuming fix/improvement.

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