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My Intent

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I have been reading these journals on and off for years now and I have finaly decided it is time to make one myself!

I need to enforce some structure on my game dev dabbling and for many years now I have just drifted from small project to small project, never finishing anything and never really even setting out a goal.

The hope is if I have to write something here I will endevour to get somewhere beyond satisfying my own curiosity.

I do not work in the IT industry, have no formal training with computers in any sense and have little to no free time (work full time and have two young children) so my posts will be irregular and probably nonsense.
But hopeful they will help me collect my thoughts and I will try to include pics whenever possible as pics improve any post.

Over the years I have played with various languages and game dev tools but when I am honest with myself I know that I am happiest when I make my own tools/systems. I probably could make a game (and it may even be alright, you never know) with something like Unreal Engine but the truth is I have much more fun starting from scratch and simply getting lost implementing some basic underlying system or idea.

Some things I have messed about with over the years:-
Metaballs (2D and a failed attempt at 3D)
2D Plaformer
Procedural mesh/LOD generation
Software renderer of 3D meshes
Ray tracer
And lots of little things in small projects I can't recall now.

My current project will be outlined in the next post - I am still thinking on what I want to do, but it is ambitious, at least for me.

I look forward to joining this excellent corner of the interweb that I have been following for so long.



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Yes, welcome indeed. Remember, a journal entry with no screenshots is a journal entry very few people will bother to read, sadly.

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