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Aimless Times

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What on Earth am I doing?

In the past week I have created six game frameworks. I wouldn't call most of them games, but each is at least the beginning of a game.

I'll go through them here:

6DOF Space Mining

  • Fully newtonian flight model
  • Asteroids to mine
  • Physics based firing system
  • Raycast based firing system

    Javelin Throwing

    • Physics based javelin throwing
    • First-person character controller
    • Targets to hone your skill
    • Terrain and grass for looks

      "Ant" Simulation

      • Survival of the random simulation
      • Ants have calories, if they have more calories, they go faster, and the inverse is true as well
      • Each ant is colour coded, red being dead, blue being fast and healthy, and all colours in between
      • Food appears on the map randomly, ants who collide with it by chance are rewarded with calories

        Top-Down Map Generator

        • Blocks are placed down and a trigger zone deletes a path through them
        • That's it

          Platforming Battle Arena

          • Two player local multiplayer
          • Ranged weapon
          • 2D character controller
          • One map

            Shepherding Wizard

            • Wizard with procedural animations
            • Third-person character controller
            • Dynamic camera
            • Essential peaked wizard hat
            • Sheep which run away
            • Sheep return home after being guided by the staff
            • Trees of various colours between orange and green
            • Grass and terrain for looks

              This is not intended to be impressive, because it isn't. Some people get creative block and stop creating, other people get it and spin wildly in random directions with immense speed. I am of the latter group. I was working on MLR for a little while, but really, I couldn't keep it up, it's just not a one-man project. The mini-game I might keep working on is the shepherding wizard project. It has promise, it's rather fun, and it's simple enough that I could work on it alone. I know it must seem odd for me to go from making a game with murder in the title to creating a gentle wizard herding sheep, but maybe my brain needs a break from all the blood, violence, and darkness.

              Here are a couple of screenshots of the shepherd game


              If anyone has experience in this sort of aimless behaviour, please lend your advice in the comments. That's all for now, so have a nice day!

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Recommended Comments

This sort of aimless behaviour is all I do! I am curreently trying to break this trend and focus on one thing but I am not succeeding (last I looked while putting together the GUI for a modelling tool I got lost playing around with implementing various physically based lighting models I was making up as I went along).

For me there is no easy way to break this cycle- especially as I find it fun!

I would guess if you want to focus all your efforts on one thing then you need to find one thing worth spending your time on. But I don't know for sure as I have never managed it... ;D

I would say don't stress it. You cant force passion.

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I would say don't stress it. You cant force passion.


I agree; something will stick, I just have to be ready when it does.

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