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Toy on a Mission UE4 Remix - Day 323

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Day 323

I think I need to start off with this tip from uncle Eck "If you see yourself being lazy, call yourself out on it and get back to work!"
I have gotten a little lazy, I have been spending too much time reading and watching youtube videos instead of working on my game.

There are one or two things that I did that have not made it into this list.
Progress (September):
Just about finished the Teleporters.
They play a sound when: sending, receiving, warming up, cooling down.

Spent a some time Prettifying(TM) the HUD, Used some icons from "Game-Icons.net"(Currently added stuff from: lorc, sbed) for the UI.

Event channels now store a name, And that is now used in the HUD.

Create/Get some sound effects to play instead of the dummy/default brown noise sample I am currently using.

Get UE4 to use Tortoise SVN, But apparently the problem I am facing is a bug in tsvn.

I am finding that certain tasks are easier and or faster to do in C++ then with BP's, Most of that has to do with structures and containers.
As an example, UE4 BP's do not have maps exposed to them (probably to do with the template nature of them).

Yesterday my 4GiB RAM stick died on me, ~30-45 minutes of: checking connectors, moving GPU to other PCI-E slot, trying ancient NVIDIA 7200GS, Moving RAM sticks around.
And the problem turned out to be one of the sticks of RAM that I had in, So now I have a 4GiB RAM stick for a desktop ornament.
That stick of RAM may be related to the page fault BSoD's(and there were other ones as well, I did not get BSoD's till I added a 8GiB RAM stick, So that could be a contributor ) I have been having, Which occurred when Win8 did its disk stuff(indexing, and what not).

I was supposed to take some screen grabs for the stuff marked in square brackets, But I did not get around to that.
I do have this GIF I made that shows the teleporter working:
(this is actually a excert out of a recording showing the infinite teleport loop bug)

Thanks for taking the time to read this entry.
That's all for now,

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