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Patch screenshots

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Patch has been released a few weeks ago. This patch introduced improved cockpits with lighting & shadowing, the hauler NPC ship ( static at the moment, but once the game becomes more mature there will be A.I. ), military bases and factories ( currently placeholders: undetailed and untextured ) on planets. See the attached screenshots.




One of our artists, Dan Hutchings, is making a first pass on the space station modules. In Infinity: Battlescape, we designed our space stations, bases and factories to be modular. This means that we model & texture independant modules, which can get attached together in various configuration layouts. Here's one of such layouts for a space station:


But more layouts / shapes are possible to create interesting combinations:


Meanwhile, I've been working on refactoring the client / server ( most of the code was quickly set up for our Kickstarter campaign and still suffers from architecturing issues; for example, projectiles hit detection is still client authoritative, which is a big no-no ) and improving networking latency, bandwidth and interpolation. It is expected that this work will take at least a month, if not more, but during this refactoring I'll also add a bunch of new gameplay elements ( teams, resources/credits generation etc.. ).

Work has started on the user interface / HUD too but I'll leave that for a future post.

Here are pics of the cargo ship ( hauler ):



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Wow! The art is amazing, even the placeholders are stellar. Continue to keep us posted.

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