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A short overview

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[font=arial]A few keynotes on the developments so far:[/font]

  • [font=arial]No timetable for the alpha version yet, but we believe development will definitely speed up.[/font]

  • [font=arial]Singleplayer mode is targeted on being a survival and exploring type of game.[/font]

  • [font=arial]We have multiplayer mode in mind at a later stage.[/font]

  • [font=arial]Questing -> there will be random events (defending, collecting, exploring) across the world for you to complete.[/font]

  • [font=arial]Building system is nearly complete -> you'll be able to build and upgrade your own custom base/shelter and defend from enemies (raiding).[/font]


    [font='Trebuchet MS'][font=arial]Extracting metal will be important for upgrading/fortifying your structures.[/font][/font]

    [color=#333333][font='Trebuchet MS']



    [font=arial]Mountains will include a cave system. Caves will also provide lots of options for resource gathering.[/font]

    [color=#333333][font='Trebuchet MS']



    [font=arial]Wood tier is the starting level of build mode.[/font]

    [color=#333333][font='Trebuchet MS']



    [font=arial]Stone upgrade will make it harder for enemies to destroy your base.[/font]

    [color=#333333][font='Trebuchet MS']



    [font=arial]Reinforced stone is the highest tier base/shelter you can upgrade to.[/font]




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