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Journal Entry #3: Little Update

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Systemic Games



I am writing this at 3:00AM, I am putting the final touches on the main character model, I'm hoping to have it done tonight and I might be able to add some pictures of the finished model tomorrow. I am also finishing the first test room so I can test all the basic locomotion for the main character like running, climbing etc.

I don't like a lot of clutter on the screen while playing in terms of UI so I am messing with ways to display character health and things like that within the environment or on the character itself. Once I have all that implemented I can start testing some of the mechanics I though of. I will keep you updated.

Tyler Butler

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"I don't like a lot of clutter on the screen while playing in terms of UI,"

I would 100%. I think if a game is going to add pieces to the UI that are reflective of the age, time period, or story still allow me to turn them off. I think a prime example is Diablo. There are angels and Demons near the Health and Mana pools, but they can be toggled on or off.

The game I am design we looked at a list of all the information we wanted on the screen and then slowly weeded out the items that weren't required to get the base list.


We are going to allow users to add to the UI, but it will be minimal while still keeping the user fully informed.



(Quote thing not working for me)

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Yeah, it's fun to try to sneak UI directly into the game.  Deadspace's UI is still a favorite of mine.  (even if I'm not actually a fan of the game, but the UI cool)

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