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Journal Entry #4: Character Progression

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Systemic Games



I know I am posting this artwork much later than I originally said I would but, I got busy with work. Anyways I have some (subject to change) art here


Above is James in his robot form from the front.


Above is James in his robot form from the back.

I made a quick test room in unity and set up all the materials just before taking the picture. I was initially going to apply the character materials in Substance Painter but, soon realized that served no practical purpose. I was going to add some wear to the texture of the robot but decided not to because it wouldn't make sense for a new robot to have rust and scratches on it.

Next I am going to start working on some of the basic mechanics for the game and another character model for some NPCs that you will come across in the game. I want the NPCs to be all black with white eyes but, that may change.

I hope whoever reads these enjoys the images, I will be sure to keep updating you all.

Tyler Butler

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