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96 MILL Released!

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We've been hard at work on a new, horror themed game for Halloween. This journey has taken just over 3 months of constant work, and it's finally ready. The old mill is now available to be explored; Get it now at 25% off for a special launch sale.

Learn more and play at: https://edigames.com/app/96Mill

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I checked out the site. 1 minor comment the first image in the slider is larger than the other images if you cut it down it wouldn't cause the page to shift around as much.


What did you use to make the game? I think I missed that journal entry.

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Thanks Navyman!

That first slide is a youtube video, with a bit of gameplay; but you're right i need to change the height, thanks!

The game is written in a fork of the 'Revel Editor' which is a custom ide/engine pair written in C# and HTML5.

...so you might say it was written in the '96 MILL Editor'

This set of technology is what we're referring to as our '4th generation engine' no real snazzy name; and it is designed to be forked and modified (and reintegrated) per game, in the interest of not trying to create an 'all things to everything' game engine, where you end up spending a lot of time trying to square features across an ever growing catalog of games.

Our current focus, as of 2016 has been to focus on 2-3-4 month release length projects, rather than larger monolithic releases.

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Thanks Ashaman!

...and thanks for all of the great testing you did!


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