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Towards The Pantheon Devlog #12: Turntables, KAOSS, and camping

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It's time for Towards The Pantheon's 12th devlog! You can find previous ones at http://www.connorlinning.com/ttp.

Last week I took a break from writing devlogs so let's jump in to some of the progress we want to share from the past two weeks. Leandro has released two speed pixel art videos showing his work on our forest areas and main character sprites:

He has also completed all the pixel art work for chapter 1 of the game and is moving right along to chapter 2. We have also revealed one of his new tilesets:

Fantasy-4-300x169.png Fantasy2-2-300x169.png

Last week I sent demo builds of test levels to my teammates, and after getting feedback I've continued working on levels for chapter 1. I spent a full day working on new music as I needed a game over theme, cave theme, title screen theme, forest battle theme, and more. I've uploaded 4 newer demos to the soundcloud soundtrack playlist which includes Fallen Warriors (the aforementioned game over theme), Cats Love Snow, Go! Fight!, and Rancor.


I've also spent a bit of time working on sound effects, which means I set up my turntables and Korg Kaoss pad. You can check out some of the sounds I've made with just a microphone and Korg Kaoss pad in the last 20 seconds of my song ConTroL. Using unconventional techniques to make the soundtrack and sound effects for the game will hopefully make the audio unique. I've also been enjoying listening to classical vinyl on the turntable while working on new levels along with some Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Masters Of Doom, and The Shining audio books over top!


These devlogs serve as a kind of weekly recap, but I still update Towards The Pantheon's social media pages almost daily with new pictures and screenshots so be sure to follow us! The fact that I'm finally building the actual game itself and seeing the pieces come together is very rewarding. It's hard to decide how much of the game to reveal over time. I remember a few years ago that I was really looking forward to a new game and the developers released a video that showed the first 40 minutes of gameplay. While it was cool to watch the video, I remember being bored during those 40 minutes when actually playing the game as I had seen it all before. I am trying to avoid revealing too much about the game itself so that if you've been following our progress the game will be fresh and exciting, but also reveal enough to attract new supporters. Be sure to let me know what you think of our social media presence so far!


I'm going to make this a short devlog as I want to get right back into building levels and play testing. One thing I will share is that I plan to film a "making of" video for the game's soundtrack, which should release sometime in January if all goes according to plan.


That's it for this week's devlog, which we will end with a screenshot of Freyja waking up after camping for the night! If you enjoyed it please share it around and follow the project on social media, and if there are any topics about the game and its development that you'd like us to cover in a future devlog be sure to let us know!

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