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Isometric RPG devlog #2

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After a maybe 6-8 days working on the character animation and gear system I finally finished it. I animated the character's limbs via code by rotating them/etc and not with drawing each frame separately to save time, although it is not a traditional retro-style animation method. This way I can have any sort of armor/weapon/gear on the character by only drawing few textures of a piece. The method also supports 8 different directions, north, northeast, east, etc.


Once I got that working I was supposed to start working on multiplayer but decided to work on the inventory system instead, which is now the current work in progress:


This style I cloned from Ultima 7/8 games inventory systems. But after I added it I've been thinking if I should really do a grid based inventory instead of gridless.

The advantage of gridless inventory is that player could in theory carry unlimited amount of items.
The disadvantage of such inventory though is that stacking items becomes an issue, with grid based inventory system stacking items would be the easiest.
But I cannot really decide which one to use... though I'm leaning towards grid based

What do you people think, gridless inventory or grid inventory?

Have a nice weekend tomorrow!

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I always liked the gridless inventories. What's the issue about stacking items? It can still done automatically when items are added to the inventory, but it can also be done manually through drag and drop. I never had a problem with it in Ultima Online.

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Grid -or- text list.


The one nice thing about gridless is that some items can be big and detailed, if you have the artwork for it. (Whatever you do don't try THAT in a gridded inventory, it really sucks!)

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