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Different lights and crops

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Added a couple different light torches that can be used, these emit different coloured lights, looks ok, not perfect but for now with time running low I think it is pretty good.

Maybe in time the lights will emit more than others and shine brighter.

Also added crops and food to the outside land, these are randomly added depending on how difficult the world is, thus, if hard world, not as much crop/food can be easily found.

Treasure chests have also been placed within the world, each chest is of a certain type and has certain items within them, the deeper down in the underworld they are, the more items will be in them - kind of makes it worthwhile digging deeper and deeper.

Now going to look at allowing the creatures to potentially pick up food depending on how hungry they are - they also need to eat in order to survive...

Was watching a video last night on twitch of terraria, unbelievable how this game has come on since it first came out, I just wished I had some devs to help me with my game to get it near this standard, sometimes makes you get a little dispondant and makes you think 'how can I compete with this?', anybody else get this feeling some times?




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The thing is, like Terraria. I first played it when it was first released for few hours and now couple of months back I played it second time and it had changed a lot, alot of new content etc.


That's the thing with game development, you start from a simple game and keep adding stuff into it to make it more rich content-wise. When you have your own basic game and start to compare it to another game that has had years of development behind it, it might give a feeling such as you said 'how can I compete with this?'


But eventually a basic game can become an advanced game, for example Terraria if doing a same style/genre game.


My tip would be, not to feel 'how can I compete with this?' but instead get ideas and more motivation from such games

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Many thanks for this.  I am adding more content each day and like you said, now taking ideas from similar games.  Being a one man development 'team' it takes longer

to do - I've put in around 11 months of work on this game and had to learn new stuff while doing it as we all do.


I'm trying to make it fun, adding characteristics to the creatures to make them seem more real and other stuff.  I want the creatures to 'play' like the player, such as if they are

hungry, they will eat any food/crop they may pass, but eating too much will make them fat and move more slowly.


Again, thanks!

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For more inspiration check out some Starbound videos. Starbound is a game that has made leaps and bounds of growth since their first release.

Keep up the great work and you will get there in time.

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Thank you.  I have played star bound and agree, come on leaps and bounds..  When I look back at my game from last year, it has also made some nice leaps forward and has many more

to come.  Terraria is awesome, very, very big game and I'm hoping mine will get as large,  now that is something to aim for!


I've added a lot of updates the last week which includes better gfx resolutions and some better lighting.  I've updated the website so please take a look at some of the latest screen shots.


Again, many thanks for your comments, it helps a great deal to see people interested and offering advice.

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