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Journal Entry #5: Gameplay

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Systemic Games



It's been awhile but I assure you that time has been spent very well. I have been working on gameplay elements as the title suggests. I implemented a terminal that will be used to progress the story in the game, you as the player will be able to type to respond withing the terminal screen. I wanted to make things more interesting so I implemented a system that randomizes your responses to things like: Boop, Beep, Pep etc.

I wanted all the responses in the terminal to be sounds that a robot would make. I have also implemented a goal system so you have to complete certain tasks to progress the terminal conversation. I also randomly added a huge blue bouncing ball and I don't know what it would be used for but, I like the ambient light it gives off, it's a nice touch for the minimalist art style.

I like how this game is turning out so far.

Tyler Butler

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Adding a few screenshots may draw in more attention and thereby getting more feedback.

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