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Open Feedback Request - Galaxy Combat Wargames Post Launch Thoughts

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Hi Folks, Its been a long time since I talked here about my multiplayer online space shooter game Galaxy Combat Wargames. This free to play space shooter was released on 29th September, 2016 on Steam and today I shall discuss some of my thoughts regarding the experience so far and requesting an open feedback on this game to the wonderful community here. We really need it :)

I can recall the days of post development when all the rush of blood was towards marketing and promoting the game to the audience. But apart from that, This is the place where I as a core team of the developer spoke my heart out regarding the experience and expectations about the game. The greenlight was huge experience and learning curve for us and we passed it quite successfully indeed I would be very confident if any of our next project arrives on steam. We are happy that we are among ones who can give some tips to other developers as far as greenlight process is concerned.

Galaxy Combat Wargames was an ambitious project since its conception. It is somewhat out of trend what gamers normally have and that is what we believe it is its strength. We put the game on greenlight when we were close to beta stage. The feedback was good. Artwork had the most praise. Got a couple of previews and a good long interview as well on the game. We wanted to release the game as soon as possible and did every effort to take the word out in the gamers and gaming community and succeeded quite well in this regard. We released a playable demo before going greenlight. The next day we received the green signal.

Post-Greenlight we didn't have much time left to induct any notable core gameplay features as it is a multiplayer online game so we were mostly busy in fixing out things and do the final testing to polish the game as much as we could. We set the date for Q3 and wanted to have a good launch to meet the target. If I summarize the total feedback we received during greenlight days it was the following:

  • Will there be more environments?
  • Are more than two players allowed for matches?
  • How many weapons and other accessories are there?

    We analyzed that we are good as we didn't receive any feedback of demanding major changes in gameplay but one thing we clearly knew that we are bit short on content so feedback was exactly reflecting what we had in our mind. It was the core team feedback as well. More than two players was a long thing to implement and it could deviate the actual experience as we wanted a head to head one on one match instead of 4 vs 4 at this stage of the game. We decided let's look at the other two i.e. The environments and accessories. Besides polishing the core gameplay, on the other side our artist started developing four brand new space environments where players could have a match against each other. We called those environments Planetary Wargames Arenas. We built a Galaxy Map where we placed all the planetary wargames arenas. So player could now have the choice to pick on which planet he wants to play. Side by side, we moved towards the accessories part, we wanted to have gamers a lot of customization on spaceships and character skins. We added 4 pairs each of colorful spaceships as well as character suits. Steam integration was another major task we were up to. With a small team of a couple of engineers and an artist along with one game director, All things were an ask in a short span of time. We delivered the best to our abilities considering the time and game requirements.

    One may ask why we haven't done any major update since the launch almost 2 months ago. The answer is simple, Doing an update without knowing what feedback is there has not of much use. We really want an open feedback on the game to understand what is missing and what can be done now. Its an open feedback request to all of you. We are happy that despite not any major update, we are still getting players, however we haven't received much feedback on the game and we want to hear what gamers want to improve in and we will be up for it.

    You can test out Galaxy Combat Wargames here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/488160

    Game Release Trailer

    Game Shots

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Great screenshots!

Enjoyed the walk-thru on your thinking of which area to expand next.

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