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I've finally added some shops to the game, at the moment I have petshop, armour and a weapon shop. Each shop when double clicked on opens an inside view of the shop with the items that can be bought. All the shops
are randomly generated within the world and even the shop keepers are. I created a nice building factory class this process and it works very well.

Also added another 50 blocks and some decorations (furnitute).

I am next working on allowing some flood fill when building for speeding up the building process and also be adding some scenery to the underworld to make it more pleasant on the eye.

Please visit my website for further updates.



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The green light's intensity is still a bit high.

However, I like some of the new blocks.

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Lol, yeah, did look at that book didn't seem to work, will take another look this weekend when I have some more debug time!

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