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Shop updates, day/night, time and speech bubbles

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Well today, I had a little bit of time so I've updated the shop object - they now have opening and closing times, who the shop keeper is and items they sell. If the shop is closed it is drawn darker than normal, although you
can click on it and will be told so. Creatures that walk past shops sometimes show speech bubbles about the shop and at the moment I'm implementing letting them actually go inside the shop.
The speech bubble class allows you to set a delay of when bubble disappears, the text you want in it, work very well. Going to use them to allow the creatures to do some conversations - they may say hello, stuff like that
and I've now added a list object in the creature main abstract class where now creatures have a list of friends, if they see these, they will use the speech bubbles to talk to them :-)

Added night/day cycle to work with the game time - the game time is 1 minute is 1 hour, works very well, creatures also age against the night/day cycle adding to the realism.

Lastly today i added dynamic weather, so it may rain, snow or be dry for random periods of time, seems to work ok.

Next up is to do the inside of the shops...still thinking of how this should look, want it to show any creatures that could be inside as well as shop keeper.

Happy coding til next time.



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Thanks :-)


The creatures say various things, when walking past shop they may say it is open and even pop into the shop!


Creatures are going to be assigned friends who if they meet in the world, they will speak with and if the friend is killed by you, then anybody linked to this friend will be

verbally off with you or even attack you!

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