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We had our first live Multiverse TCG tournament!

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We had our first ever live Multiverse: Cosmic Conquest tournament on OCTGN and it was a blast!


This time we had only 3 participants: Gameg1, Cheatastcg, and myself. However we saw many different strategies being played in this tournament: Orange boarding, Yellow-Green swarm, Red-Violet robots, and Vioilet-Yellow control.
We had some audio and connection problems, and some awkward pauses and bloopers, but considering this was my first time commentating other people playing a game, it went really well!

We have tournaments every week at 5pm GMT! Join the next upcoming tournament here: https://tokartsmedia.com/forum/organized-games-tournaments

If you don't know the rules of the game, we have a video tutorial series that breaks them down into easy to learn segments:

To play Multiverse: Cosmic Conquest, join the Multiverse community at www.tokartsmedia.com and follow the instructions on our website: https://tokartsmedia.com/forum/questions-suggestions-issues/53-how-to-set-up-multiverse-on-line-beta-readme

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Yes, here is where you can sign up for the newest tournaments https://tokartsmedia.com/forum/organized-games-tournaments

However, at this stage to start playing Multiverse you'll have sign up to our website (www.tokartsmedia.com) to download the virtual tabletop OCTGN and set everything up correctly. We have all of the instructions you need here: https://tokartsmedia.com/forum/questions-suggestions-issues/53-how-to-set-up-multiverse-on-line-beta-readme

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