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Priority Number 1

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I'm going to do it.
I've always wanted to realize this game, I want to see it through to its completion. Up until this date I've treated it like a hobby, something I did in my casual spare time, when I felt like it. I rarely get a chance to talk about my idea to others, and when I do I self-bash it by prefixing with "It's pipe dream", and "It'll probably be a shitty game nobody likes, and I fully expect that!" But then by the time I'm done talking about the idea I'm all excited and think to myself "What a great idea!". The other day I was thinking about people who just went balls to the wall because they truly believed in what they were doing and asked myself why haven't I?

I will be posting weekly updates on the progress on my game, and I will try to contribute something more to my journals than "Look at this little thing I made". to "This is how I did it!".

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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Just be careful of burnout.

Good Luck!


Thanks man.  Yeah late last night I finished up some code to allow for foundations to be layered like you see in the last picture in Weekly #3, but it's currently buggy and not very user friendly at all, just rammed it through just so I had a picture to show for.  I've got lots of ideas, but translating them into code is the lengthy part.  Plus there is something to be said when the code is executed with a high level of efficiency rather than just hodge-podge.  I think I'll be spending the next couple weeks revising my code and usability.


Oh yeah, I started talking about this cus today I feel burnt out.  I think I'm going to take a day off.  

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