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The mighty journal of bogosaur.

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This is a great moment for our planet. A legendary journal is born. :o But the problem is I'm the only one who thinks it's legendary. <_< Nobody will probably read it. But I'm okay with its fate. Like any true masterpiece, it will be discovered many centuries later. ^_^

If anyone is stupid enough to be reading this, then I want to tell you only one thing - go get a life, man, srsly. <_<

I will be posting my thoughts and maybe some code while working on my shiny new 3D first-person mega turbo shoooooter. GREAT, right?

RIGHT??? :cool:

I knooow, it's going to be so much fuuunn. ^_^ I know you can't wait. I will do it as fast as I can tomorrow, because I'll go to sleep now, it's 3 am. See you tomorrow, my loyal co-nerd. :wub:

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Wow, prophetic.  I have no life and am considered slow in some circles.  Makes me want to read that book of yours. :D

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If anyone is stupid enough to be reading this, then I want to tell you only one thing - go get a life, man, srsly.

I would suggest a bit less on the comments like this.


For the most part people are very happy to read about others doing amazing things, or even to hear about their struggles with real life and developing. Every developer has gone through crazy times and it is nice and powerful to read about others. The journals give people the chance to become interested in your work or even empower themselves by seeing the awesome things you are creating.

I have very very rarely seen any non constructive review of work on this site.

I how you get a chance to experience the great community here.

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Screenshots. People like neat screenies. I've posted many a wall o' text that got only minimal views, but if you can pull 'em in with a screeny the discussion is better.

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A great journal of wisdom? People would be foolish NOT to read it. :) Welcome to the world of dev journals. When I posted, I always found it motivating that people actually read my stuff and commented on it.


Good luck!

- Eck

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