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Get work done and kill a skeleton - 2017 New Year's Resolution

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Since my last post I've unfortunately had a pretty quiet period without getting much work done on the project. I simply wasn't able to find the motivation to get things done.
I recently got a new dayjob much closer to my home which saves me 10 hours of driving every week - I really ought to be able to translate this into more development time...
Anyway - in my last post I mentioned that I wanted to use a data-driven approach. The plan was to use text files or XML to load definition files for classes, items, NPCs, spawners etc. but I have decided not to bother with this at the moment because it's a bit of a pain to write parsers etc. for all of this. Since I'm gonna be the only only one editing all of this in the foreseeable future I've decided to pretty much scrap that idea and instead define all of this in code. Eventually of course I want the spawners to be exported from Unity using editor-only gameobjects so I don't have to hard-code coordinates but for now I can live with it. All of the other definitions could in principle stay C# until the release of the game.

So - back to work on the fun stuff.
The milestone I'm heading for at the moment is still being able to actually fight skeletons in the game.
This includes:
Performing attacks serverside - showing animations clientside (done)
Handling collision detection on server (work in progress)
Hitpoints - and stats in general (work in progress)
Damage dealing (TODO)
Death (TODO)
Simple NPC Melee AI using fluent behaviour trees (TODO)
Simple Player "AI" (TODO - Clicking on a monster should make the player go to the monster and hit it)

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