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Hi there,

i was working a bit on the next iteration on my game and finally found a nice graphics style to go for: Real tiles and proper lighting, yay! (See the screenshot attached)
Even though i am making some progress, i decided to stop working on the project with unreal engine 4 entirely - for several reasons:

I had a few bad data losses which resulted in losing all of my new tiles and lighting work due to some UE4 git integration awesomeness and my stupidness to trust them.
Second i really wanted to do all the programming and make a full game by myself - going through the entire process of making a game with a low level language like C. This is in fact a dream i have since i started playing around with game development in the first place, because i was always depending on others like using third party libraries, asking tons of newbie questions etc.

So i booted up visual studio 2015 community edition, created a plain win32 C project without nothing in it and started to code - with two constraints only (not using any third party libraries at all - including the std library, only use OOP when its really needed).

Now after a few evenings i finally built most of the groundwork in i need in plain C without creating a single class or any type of object oriented code ;-)

This includes the entire platform independent architecture (Game DLL and Win32 executable), stable input handling, all the math i need, a directsound audio and opengl video renderer including proper font rendering, a rigid body physics system, simple memory management and some very basic game code. Everything i need to get me started...

Now the plan is to recreate my original prototype i made and start from there.
Of course all the tilesets and sprites i used are not lost, so i definitely will reuse them.

Stay tuned.

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