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SquaserZ - Devlog #2

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Devlog entry, January 12: Creating the new UI

We start this devlog by reviewing the objectives set on the previous one:SquaserZ Devlog #1

[REVISION] Objective 1 - Implement a Objective-Based System

The objective system mentioned in the previous devlog was designed as a mean to add more value to the game. To do so, the player is always presented with a set of 3 different objectives to complete over the course of one single round or multiple rounds.

In order to do this, we have to develop a system that:

o Creates list with all the objectives.
o Ensure that each entry to the list has a list of atributes, such as "Objective Name", "Objective Level", "Variable Values to Level Up", "Text to Display".
o From the list of objectives, choose 3.
o Display each objective text on the "Main Menu" and "Retry Menu"
o For each objective, check if we have completed it. If so, give feedback to the player.

At this moment, without the UI redesign, the objectives are displayed as exemplefied on the image:


I honestly had some trouble designing the "feedback" to give to the player. At first, I tried to develop something with the "lightning" I added to the "SPECIAL ROUND" announcement. However, I was advised by a friend that this would distract the player from the game, possibly leading to its death, and hence causing frustation.

So, I tried to search for a new way of showing the completion of the objectives, and I turned to one of my sources of inspiration: "Race to The Sun", specifically the way it shows that a stage has been completed.

However, to enhance this feedback, since the game can have multiple effects displaying at the same time, I decided to add a short "Flash" on the screen before anouncing the completion of the objective.

The result can be seen here:


After the objective is completed, the "level" of the objective is updated, and a new "objective variable value" is presented.

Playable Build:

Android Build

Windows Build

Objective 2 - Creating a new UI for the game and enhancing the objective system.

After reviewing the UI of other mobile games and pc games, I have decided to create two UI menus: the "Main Menu" and the "Retry Menu".

The following information should be accessible from the menus:

o Turning the Sound on or off.
o Turning the Music on or off.
o Current Objectives
o Instruction to play the game.
o Check the Completed Objectives (possibly in another screen).
o Access a "Reward Menu" (possibly in another screen).
o Share the highscore.

Furthermore, the Mission/Objective system needs to be reviewed. Specifically:
o The objectives values must be balanced.
o When an objective is completed, there should be some feedback on the "Retry Menu" that this has happened.
o When an objective is completed, it should be replaced with another objective from the same "level", if possible.
o Implement a "XP System" for the player. Each objective earns X amount of XP. When leveling up the player is rewarded with something.

Issues and Questions

The "XP System" question was removed from the issues and question, since it will now be implemented in the game and tested to see if it fits the concept. However, the other issues and questions remain the same.

o [Question] Should a "pause" button be placed on the game? I'm having a hard time implementing this, since the player could want to go to that particular part of the screen.
o [Possible Solution] The "pause" button could be replaced by the "back" key on mobile phones and "ESC" on a computer
o [Question] Are "collectibles" worthwhile implementing on this game?
o [Possible Solution] If the objective-based system is developed, they could only be placed when the objective in question is active
o [Issue] At the moment, it is possible for the player to get stuck within the pieces of geometry left by the explosions. I still do not have a solution for this.

Devlog entry - END

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