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Towards The Pantheon Devlog #16: Tuna Maki, Tipping Cows, and Rumbles!

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It's time for Towards The Pantheon's 16th devlog! You can find previous ones at http://www.towardsthepantheon.com/index.php/development-history/.

Since the previous devlog, Leandro has put out a new pixel art video where he reworked Bam's portrait art. More recently, he has completed all the pixel art for Chapters 1 and 2 of the game which means he is roughly 75% complete all the pixel artwork for the game considering he has also completed a lot of work beyond those two chapters. I'm very happy with his work and excited to see his upcoming work in the Cyberpunk and Survival Horror inspired areas.

Our digital artist Maerel has also been working on new anime style artwork for Freyja, Mishima, and Bam. Here is a new piece of artwork for our silent protagonist Freyja!


During the past two weeks I have kept and surpassed my promise to livestream development of the game regularly and on schedule. Leandro has also been joining me to livestream together which has been fun and motivating. Be sure to follow my Twitch channel (http://www.twitch.tv/connort) and click the notifications tab so that you'll receive an e-mail every time I go live! I also post to social media when going live.


I've begun putting in 14 hour days on average trying to get a full demo of Chapter 1 ready by the end of the month for the rest of the team to begin testing and giving feedback. Last night I did a speedrun of Chapter 1 with all battles disabled and the total time came to 10 minutes and 3 seconds. When random battles, boss battle, full exploration of all levels, and dialog with NPCs are factored in, I believe I will meet my goal of having this private demo being at least 45 minutes in length. The purpose of Chapter 1 is to introduce the player to basic gameplay mechanics along with the premise of the game's world and story. Each chapter introduces new gameplay mechanics and further explores and explains the plot. I have also designed each chapter of the game to be longer than the previous, so that more time can be spent playing with the full party roster and more time can be spent on character development. Closing in on the completion of Chapter 1 means more time will be spent moving forward on actual gameplay content such as levels, balancing, and polishing since the framework and foundation of the game and all its mechanics will be complete.


I'm very excited to hear what my teammates Leandro, Kyle, Maerel, Dan, Tyler, and Nic will have to say about the demo as I've been working with them on various aspects of development over the past months. This will be the first time they see all the work on the game come together. I'm also hoping to get some very strong criticism and feedback to learn about what aspects at this point are in need of improvement. Bug fixing and polish will be a huge focus especially closer to the end of development when the game can be played from start to finish.


At the time of the previous devlog two weeks ago, there were approximately 13 levels complete for Chapter 1. There are now 34 levels and almost all of them are complete. A second village has been added, and all levels have been appropriately populated with NPCs, treasure, items, random battles, documents, and more. I've also begun replacing the placeholder test cards and combos with actual cards and combos. The cards and combos system are detailed in the previous devlog. New items such as salmon and tuna maki have been added, along with other items that are going to be kept secret for the time being. 4 more enemies along with a boss have been added on top of the previous 2 that were being used for testing.


Let's talk future plans! A new trailer for the game is currently being planned that will be much more in depth than the previous teaser, and a Steam Greenlight campaign is also being planned. I have yet to solidify timelines for both of these as I want to fully plan them out the best I can. I will continue to livestream on a regular basis and update all of the game's social media pages daily, so be sure to follow them and also share your thoughts on those updates. Feedback and questions are always appreciated!


That's it for this devlog! If you enjoyed it please share it around and if there are any topics about the game and its development that you'd like me to cover in a future devlog be sure to let me know!

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Hey there, just wanted to say that I love the dedication, involvement and the love you have for the project, keep it up. Seeing devs like you makes me remember why im still in this world after so long.

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Hey there, just wanted to say that I love the dedication, involvement and the love you have for the project, keep it up. Seeing devs like you makes me remember why im still in this world after so long.

Thank you! I'll be posting a new dev log tomorrow or this weekend as a lot of progress has been made. I'm very glad if my work can inspire you to keep going, because my favorite musicians and developers help me do the same too :) 

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