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BOATMATH 2: Boat Harder

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In my last post I showed off an extremely early version of a project in which a simple boat could be constructed from triangular surfaces. Since then I've made a lot of progress in all aspects of the game.

New features/improvements include:

  • "Design" and "Simulation" modes split into separate levels
  • Design mode now has a symmetry option, as well as the ability to view the vessel in wireframe to see the borders between surfaces
  • Internal "compartments" are now handled properly; buoyancy calculations are disabled for sides of surfaces not on the exterior
  • Designs can now be saved and loaded
  • Main menu, almost like a real video game

    My plans for the immediate future are something like:

    • More tools in the editor to speed up building
    • Different materials to build with, each with different densities and other stats
    • Ability to change "thickness" of surface (not rendered visually, but affects weight and eventually armor value)

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