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New Game

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Just a very quick entry today since I haven't posted for a while, to introduce my new game. Not that we have much to show yet.


My vision for this project is as follows:

"What do we get if we cross Super Mario 3D with a Rogue-Like?"

The answer - Rogue-Like Platform Game or RPG for short.

Essentially the screenshot shows that we are loading polyhedra from the level file and creating them as physics objects, we are loading a static mesh from the level file and displaying it and we have a very simple character controller working that walks on slopes, falls under gravity and so on.

What I want to do, unlike previous 3D platform projects, is concentrate on the level graphics a bit first rather than the central character, so plan is to just use the debug capsule for the player for a while and instead try to make the levels look nice with textures, lighting and the associated features in the editor which make the levels easy to create.

I've got some per-pixel dynamic lighting stuff working in the level editor ready to import into the game so I thought the first place to start might be to make some particle emitters for torches, using billboard sprites to create a nice fire effect. Not something I've done in 3D before so be nice to be working on something new for a while.

That's really all for now. Probably wasn't really worth the update. Sorry.


Since this has been featured and shared on Facebook, thought I'd just tart the entry up a bit with my progress on a particle system.


Looks better in motion. This is eventually going to be an emitter for torches that can either be statically placed on walls or carried around by other entities and will tie into the dynamic lighting system.

That is all :)

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Recommended Comments

I don't dare to judge whether the progress was worth the update, but

   for me personally, merely looking at the picture made me think about

   the connection of aesthetics and level design for a good 15 minutes.


Firmly believing that aesthetics and practicality go hand in hand,

  I claim to see a certain amount of skill at work.

I kid you not: I never have seen more aesthetically pleasing primitives and composites. :P

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