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1 Room RPG: combat

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Hi again!

Deciding to participate in that 1 Room RPG Jam turned out to be really a good thing! I have never found that much motivation inside of me before. Also, I am learning a lot about Unity, as it was actually the first time I decided to give it a go and try to create an actual game using it.

Anyway, I have around eight days before the jam's deadline. Given the fact that I am only working during evenings (and definitely not everyday, as I actually have a life), this is not that much.

The good news is that I have all the important game mechanics in place already, and it is "only" a matter of balancing them. And maybe adding one extra game feature. Oh, and possibly upgrading the visuals a little if there will be some time left.

Speaking about game features, let's talk combat. The player is able to attack the enemies in two different ways: using direct melee attack or shooting a ranged weapon.


Melee attack in action. The player ends up being killed in the end.

For melee attacks, the player needs to stand right next to the enemy. The player can attack even if they used all their moves.

As for the ranged attack, the player needs to have the enemy in a line of sight. And the player needs ammo, which can be dropped by killed enemies. The player is able to shoot only if they haven't already spent all their actions on movement.


Obviously, player cannot shoot through walls.

Now, the interesting part: I was trying out different approaches for how to calculate the hit probability of combat actions. And to make the game more predictable, I've decided that the player (and enemies, as well) will always hit their target when attempting an attack. In such way the player can more-or-less plan their moves in that tiny room full of monsters. And they better plan them correctly! Is it better to kill that level-one zombie in this turn, but be exposed to two other ones that will inevitably attack you? Or, maybe it is worth moving back, allowing two zombies to merge into a level-two creature (which is more difficult to kill, but can drop more powerful item), which you will be able to kill relatively easy in two turns from now?

Not everything can be planned though. There is still a dose of randomness included, because:

a) After each turn, a new enemy is spawned in a random location,

b) Dead enemies drop different types of loot, and these drops have probabilities of their own.

I guess I will write more about enemies, items and item drops next time. For now I can say that this game actually is fun to play for me, and this already makes me proud of myself :)

Take care!

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