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Use of the Golden Ratio when modeling plants

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Norman Barrows


Use of the Golden Ratio when modeling plants

Found this on YouTube:



Under the subtopic Nature:

"Adolf Zeising... [color=rgb(37,37,37)][font=sans-serif]

found the golden ratio expressed in the

[/font][/color]arrangement of parts[color=rgb(37,37,37)][font=sans-serif]

such as leaves and branches along the stems of plants and of


in leaves."


and under the subtopic Geometry:


" at longitudes spaced by a golden section of the circle, i.e. 360?/

[/font][/color][color=rgb(37,37,37)][font='Nimbus Roman No9 L']



? 222.5? "


Happy modeling! :)

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Use of the Golden Ratio when modeling plants

LOL, yes the ratio comes from nature so using it to model natural things should make their look appear more natural. :)

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My first attempt didn't go so well. 

I tried to use the golden ratio (222.5 degres) for rotation of quads when adding a layer to the middle of an existing plant mesh that was a bit thin in the center.

but that got me (values are normalized to 0-360):

0,  222.5,  85,  307.5,  170,  32.5,  255,  117.5,  etc.

note the 0, 85, and 170. almost due north, east, and south. One i saw those near 90 degree angles, i decided this might not work, so i simply rotated them so it looked good. When all else fails, fake it as best you can.

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