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DevLog #2

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Today I was tasked at getting the roofs to be at the correct orientation no matter where on the building you place them. For example, if you place two roofs in a corner, they need to converge to form a corner roof. I got that done today, but then @Riuthamus and I realized that there are other edge cases that we need to keep in mind of with the roofs. After I fix those, we are basically ready to make really cool houses in "The Harvest"! @Navyman looked into my code that ran the UI for the inventory system. I'll put it this way, he didn't think my work in UMG was so clean! He was kind enough to improve upon the UI structure since I do not know much about UMG in Unreal Engine 4. @Navyman is great with UMG because he is making a game called Jigster, all in UMG! Here is Jigster's video! I did a coding livestream on twitch for a short time while I was trying to fix some of the roof functionality. later I will be adding chests into the game so that you can store things beyond your inventory on your character! In the coming days, there will be more awesome content added to the game!

Until next time, Cheers!

Check out our Greenlight page for "The Harvest"!

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