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Skill list - Breakdown

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So here is the breakdown of the skill list.

The skills are separated into three categories, offensive, defensive, and utility. All of which have 2 different ultimates to choose from:

All skills cost MP and have a cooldown. MP increases slowly over time and when you score against your opponent.


- Fire: Sets the ball on fire to deal additional damage. Your bread and butter damage skill. Minimal MP cost and cooldown for a slight increase in damage. Also applies damage when it hits the opposing paddle.

- Firelake: Another damaging skill that places a lake of fire somewhere on the board. If the ball moves through it, it'll set alight.

- Ultimate 1: Firestorm: Creates columns of fire to guarantee damage for a set period.

- Ultimate 2: Fire Frenzy: Creates additional fireballs to deal damage. Opponent must deal with 3 balls on the field for a set period.


- Wall: Creates a blockade on the board that takes 3 hits to destroy. Can disrupt the opponent's plays and lead to unpredictable gameplay.

- Heal: Heals yourself for a set amount but at a high cooldown. Can save you in a pinch, or be used to control the flow of the game.

- Ultimate 1: Ironheart: Renders your shields impervious to damage, thereby delaying your opponent's ultimate. You can still be damaged, however.

- Ultimate 2: Invincibility: Protects your HP from damage. Your shields can still be damaged though.


- Haste self: Speeds up your paddle to allow for quicker deflections

- Slow Opponent: Slows opponent down for a set period, allowing for easier scoring. Can be used to counter "Haste self"

- Ultimate 1: Freeze Opponent: Completely freeze opponent's movement. A well timed move can lead to a swift victory.

- Ultimate 2: Freeze Ball: Freezes ball on the player's paddle, allowing for the player to move and aim their next move.

The uploaded image shows "Firestorm" in action. Debugging the skills takes time, and I am currently making sure that there aren't any bugs!

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