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Hi, long time no see, bringing project to light

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Hi guys,

For those of you who do not know me (i reckon something around the 99.9% of you), I am a professional game developer that was fairly active here around three years ago. Back then, I found a new Job in the game industry, and I have been mostly working on educational games for the last years. Today, I went back to College (graduating in the next year), and I am still in that job I got in 2014.

Still, last year I had the opportunity to revive an old shelved personal project of mine, a story driven sci-fi game, inspired by Beneath a Steel Sky, The Dig and games like I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream. It is basically a multiple endings visual novel, telling the story of three children born and raised without any human contact, who have to make difficult decisions in order to save (or doom) tens of thousands of lives after a comet is detected in collision route.

I am developing this in my little spare time, not much, between full time job and college. Still, the news about Greenlight being taken down are forcing me to rush things a bit. We hope to pass the game through Greenlight before it is taken down, and that will be a big challenge, about which I may end up writing an article here later.

I'll try to keep you guys informed, as me and my beautiful partner work our essays off to bring this game to life. Will drop some concept art and one or other gifs to keep you posted! This is also some sort of incentive for me to try and work on the game for every minute I can squeeze out of my days, and this is basically why I came to GD, as it is a great place for feedback and motivation.

This project was a secret until I made this post. Wish us luck!

This is our Greenlight description, any feedback is appreciated.[quote]

Following a catastrophic space collision, three children are born into the light of an unknown solar system, and have thousands of lives on their hands.

DeepHive Corp is a Sci-Fi Visual Novel, that tells the story of three children, with three different views of their world, where they were raised from babies by an advanced AI system, isolated from other humans. With hard choices take, and sacrifices to make, the children are the only hope for the tens of thousands of people, who find their minds trapped in a mind-machine interface.

This project is being developed by a team of two, and is inspired by games like Beneath a Steel Sky, The Dig and I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream. With it, we hope to bring our players that feeling of playing through those games for the first time. We plan on releasing all the source code, under the license available at http://deephivecorp.com/curiouslicense, for anyone who owns the game and wants to read the code, play around, break the game and learn from it.[/quote]

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