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Dragon Attempt

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So recently, some dude in the forum was talking about being told dragons cause a technical problem in a games setting. Well, I'm setting out to find out what the real story is. For now...satisfying my artistic side with a mostly finished bust and starting blocking the body...

day 2



quickie 10 minute wing test rigging...oh yeah...it's gonna' be a tail slapper...moving on


day 4-5

Hit an export snag from blender...typical. Sorted now...it's difficult to get the right settings that play nice between tools. Here is a short clip of the assets in Monogame. Moving to texture and animation.

day...umm...not sure anymore. UV's laid, starting paint.


Finished Texture on main body


And finally the asset working in game. This last video is a stub of the main menu screen.

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Honestly, given the disconnect between Kenneth's claimed credentials and the actual reality, along with his overt racism, anyone who told him that was probably just politely fobbing him off.

I have heard that dragons can be tricky to animate in a satisfying way, but obviously, that's something multiple games have managed to deal with successfully.  The other area I've heard of difficulty with was making mountable/rideable dragons in a satisfying way, but it was around a decade ago I heard that and it may or may not still be considered difficult.


The head is looking good! :)

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I agree the head looks very good! :) The wing bones remind me of a bat I had to make recently. I'm not a very good artist and it took quite a bit of tweaking with the polys of the wing and weightings to get the wing to animate / skin correctly.

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Thanks for the return visit. Now that's cool. Yeah, playing hookie from work today. Touched the dragon a little. Lawnjelly has got me thinking about wing animation coming up. Monogame has a hard limit of 72 bones and I was counting them earlier. Just enough for a decent FK rig. Never figured out how to bake away IK bones from blender. Probably do some wing experiments before fully completing this model. You too Jason...thanks for the interaction.

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Also didn't realise you were editing more in, nice progress! So you're using Blender?

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Yes. I don't know why, but I really like that piece of freeware.

Oh, and Monogame is bad ass...

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