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Temple of the Abyssal Winds v5.0

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Announcing version 5.0 of the classic-style role playing game Temple of the Abyssal Winds! Temple of the Abyssal Winds is available on Windows, Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Chapter 1 is free to download and play for all platforms, and chapters 2-6 are available for purchase, as in-app purchases or on the TotAW website.



You can find more information, including download instructions, on the website:


Version 5.0 is a huge update! Unfortunately breaking past saved games, but it's totally worth it. Partial list of changes:

  • New effect subtypes like fire and charm, new resistance system for effects, and spells and items to go with the new resistances.
  • Map improvements, both mini-map and world map.
  • Expanded bard-song abilities for budding minstrels.
  • Improved combat, including weapon differentiation and high level enhancements.
  • Many minor RPG system improvements.
  • Visual and usability improvements (check out the new camera!)
  • Many bugfixes and minor features.

    Merry Prankster Games is a one-man band indie development studio, started in 1995 making the play-by-email game Atlantis. For more information about Merry Prankster Games visit: http://www.prankster.com or email Geoff Dunbar at totaw@prankster.com.

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