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Journal Entry #7: Motivation?

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Systemic Games



I has been a while, I wish I could say that the time has been very well spent but, It has not, Well not most of it anyway. I have implemented a lot of systems and content into the game but that was done quickly compared to the time that I did not work on the game. I slowly lost interest and excitement in the project and every time I would think about it I would feel stressed and tired, which is ironic because I got into game development because it was fun and it didn't feel like a job.

I don't want this to be taken in any way like I do not take game development seriously, It's actually the complete opposite. I have decided to take on another completely different style game on top of my current game so that I can spend my time as I wish between the two projects so I hopefully don't lose interest in either one of them.

Over the duration of time that I have not posted anything on gamedev I have been working on modeling things and I think I am much better now than the last time I posted something on gamedev.

I want to post some pictures and more information about the new project soon when I have made further progress on it, again, I am not abandoning my earlier project I am just starting a new project on top of my earlier project so I can spend my time as I wish between the two of them to hopefully maintain excitement and interest in both projects.


Tyler Butler

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I think what you're doing is a good idea.  This way you're not bottle-necking your creativity. 

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